Isibani Development Partners in partnership with National Department of Health (NDoH) has delivered the first Digital Chest X-Ray (DCXR) container at Imbalenhle Clinic Orange Farm in Johannesburg Health District and at Esangweni Clinic in Ekurhuleni Health District. The Digital Chest X-Ray container will be used as a screening, triaging and diagnostic tool for Tuberculosis (TB) at both community and facility level. The Digital Chest X-Ray has an artificial intelligence software that is able to provide information of whether the X-Ray is normal or suggestive of TB. The artificial intelligence system is provided by LTE Medical Solutions.

TB is the leading cause of death in the world and is the highest single contributor of death in South Africa. The high burden of TB in South Africa is mostly influenced by poor living conditions and late presentation of patients to health facilities. The aim of the introduction of DCXR is to aid early clinical diagnosis and increase TB case finding.

Isibani will be delivering more Digital Chest X-Ray containers in Johannesburg District and Ekurhuleni Health Districts. For a free Chest X-Ray visit any of the above-mentioned facilities and you will receive your results immediately.

Isibani’s planned activities are with the intention to expand the availability of resources to improve early access to care and making sure that health services are accessible to everyone regardless of their socioeconomic background. The activities include providing Psychosocial and Nutritional Support to TB patients. The Psychosocial and Nutritional Support program is to improve health seeking behaviour and enhance patient treatment adherence. The psychosocial and nutritional support program is also implemented in two (2) districts i.e. Ekurhuleni and Johannesburg Health districts for both DR-TB and DS-TB patients. The program was first launched in Orange Farm in September 2020. Using an approach that is beyond public health community engagement, Isibani has placed Enrolled Auxiliary Nurses (ENAs) that support the patients on daily basis and monitor the patients’ progress. The ENAs go door to door to share information about TB, educate residents about TB and share information on how to link to screening and testing facilities.

Patients that are enrolled on the Psychosocial and Nutritional Support program remain on the program until they finish their course of treatment. Even during these hard times, Isibani Development Partners continues to shine the light in health services.

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