Whilst South Africa is currently reporting improved access to affordable and effective treatment for HIV/AIDS, the same cannot be said about TB. The stigma attached to the disease makes it difficult for the healthcare agenda towards creating a TB free country to be achieved. Our organization is invested in educating and creating awareness about the nature of TB diseases, which is key to prevention efforts and effective treatment.

Isibani Development Partners in partnership with the National Department of Health has committed to providing care and prevention programmes that focus on improving community response and effective healthcare systems on TB.

The programmes also include the introduction of different intervention programmes aimed at increasing TB case finding and strengthening adherence of treatment for both Drug Resistant TB (DR TB) and Drug Sensitive TB (DS TB) patients. The five (5) intervention programmes are Digital Chest X-Ray (DCXR) Mobile Containers, Psychosocial and Nutritional Support Programme, Digital Adherence Medical Monitors for Drug Resistant (DR-TB) Patients, Nebulizers, and Infection Control Carbon Dioxide Monitors (Co2 monitors). Isibani is proud to report that the programmes that it is implementing in the two districts has helped improve case detection and linkage to care of patients.