The TB/HIV Grant 2019-2022 is an intervention programme that is being implemented in collaboration with National Department of Health (NDOH) to address the missing TB cases across all levels.

The program is to be implemented in 9 priority TB districts, and Isibani has been appointed as a sub recipient of NDoH to implement in Johannesburg Health District and Ekurhuleni.


The TB/HIV programme interventions will be implemented using a (QI) Quality Improvement approach which uses a combination of testing new/ innovative ideas, measurement, standardisation of processes and scale up, focusing on three intervention modules:



Finding the missing TB patients, linking and retention in care and providing appropriated treatment for latent TB infection, underpin by robust quality improvement (QI) methodology


The grant will focus on 2 aspect of community-based retention in care: (1) Pharmacovigilance in the form of drug safety monitoring (ADSM), and (2) Adhere support through community-based differentiated care

Module 3- TB/HIV

To ensure that the standard of care for all those with presumptive or diagnosed TB includes HIV Testing Services (HTS) and optimizing provision of LTBI treatment for eligible HIV positive people

The program will embark on improving community response and systems which will focus on HIV and TB interventions including tracing for early and late missed appointments and defaulters.

Isibani is appointed as a sub-recipient of the National Department of Health (NDoH) to implement the TB/HIV program in Johannesburg and Ekurhuleni Health Districts both in Gauteng Province.

Isibani’s scope is to implement a robust Quality Improvement methodology focusing on three Modules:

  • TB Care and Prevention
  • Multi Drug Resistant TB
  • TB/ HIV

The program introduced the following intervention programs:

    1. 1. Digital Chest X-Ray

The digital Chest X-Ray with computer-aided software is used as a TB Screening, and Diagnostic tool irrespective of TB symptoms for early detection of TB and treatment initiation. Isibani placed 5 Digital Chest X-Ray Containers at healthcare facilities across the two districts (Johannesburg and Ekurhuleni).


  • Itireleng Community Health Centre in Soweto
  • OR Tambo Community Health Centre in Diepsloot West
  • Lenasia Ext 5 Clinic


  • Esangweni Community Health Centre in Tembisa
  • Phola Park Community Health Centre in Tokoza

Number of clients screened:27083+

    1. 2. Psychosocial and Nutritional Support

The aim of this intervention was to strengthen adherence to treatment and reduce treatment Lost to Follow UP (LTF) for DR and DS TB patients which are achieved be achieved through Psychosocial support provided through one-on-one and family counseling sessions and regular home visits, and Nutritional Support provided through delivery of groceries to TB patients.

Patients receiving food packages:2655+

Food packages delivered:8207+