Isibani Development Partners demonstrated its commitment to fighting tuberculosis (TB) by actively participating in the 2024 World TB Commemoration held at Wilberforce Community College in Evaton, Sedibeng District, Gauteng. The event, which took place yesterday, saw Isibani’s impactful initiative of offering free X-ray screenings.

Isibani’s presence at the commemoration was marked by a proactive campaign aimed at encouraging individuals to undergo free TB screenings and testing utilising the innovative Isibani Mobile TB X-ray vans. The organisation’s dedicated stalls were met with enthusiasm from both the local community and event attendees. A remarkable total of 172 free X-ray screenings were conducted during the event, underscoring the efficacy and significance of Isibani’s efforts in combating TB. Additionally, a considerable number of individuals were referred to gene experts for further evaluation.

Dr. Ashleigh Dwarika, our medical officer, provided invaluable insights during an interview with SABC into the pressing issue of TB and its impact on mortality rates in the country. Dr. Dwarika emphasised the gravity of the situation, highlighting that approximately 468 out of every 100,000 individuals in the country are infected by TB.

She further elaborated that, it is imperative to engage with communities, raise awareness about symptoms, and facilitate access to testing opportunities, many of which are offered free of charge.

Isibani’s commitment to TB awareness extends beyond this event, with ongoing campaigns in areas such as Ekurhuleni, Ugu, and King Cetshwayo. These campaigns involve free TB screenings and testing through our community Mobile Digital X-ray vans, further illustrating the organisation’s dedication to public health.

Click here to view Dr. Ashleigh Dwarika’s interview.